Database Management

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Database Management

Get design, build and support of all major database products from one provider.

Databases rarely sit in the corner quietly doing their job. With thousands of different configuration settings and increasingly complicated resiliency and recoverability options, the need for an experienced database administrator has never been more crucial. A recent survey by Oracle suggests that more than 75% of database outages are caused by human error. An inexperienced, junior DBA can be an expensive option, one that many organisations can’t afford to take.

At F1 IT Technology our database practice has the skills and expertise to design, build and manage your entire database environment. We have the largest database competence in Poland with unequalled breadth of experience with over 20 professional database specialists across the country. Today we provide services to customers spanning multiple business sectors.

Expertise in database

F1 IT Technology provides expertise in database management and consultancy to customers.

Get a proactive approach to managing your important data with a provider in tune with the needs of your changing business. Leverage our depth of expertise and experience in providing database services to a range of customers, with a proven practice in database management focused on availability and fit-for-purpose operations. Our practice is based on the ITIL framework and F1 IT’s own database management best practices, and leverages our experience in providing excellence in database management health and welfare services.

You’ll benefit from our pragmatic approach to database consultancy by deriving value from a focus on your business, whether it be tuning for performance or cost containment. Our expertise includes specialised areas such as High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) design, consolidations and migrationsCore capabilities in Oracle are complemented by teams working with PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL and MySQL.We continue to enjoy great success in these areas, and our clients are delighted with the results:

Expertise in database management and consultancy in Oracle
Expertise in database management and consultancy in PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, DB2, MySQL
Proven practices in database management
Specialist areas including: Database performance tuning, migrations and consolidations
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