Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

At F1 IT Technology, we provide a range of solutions that will take the stress out of the shift to the cloud.

Cloud computing is a truly disruptive and transformational technology. Many organisations aspire to move to the cloud, but don’t have the necessary tools and infrastructures. We at F1 IT can assist you in your cloud shift and provide hosting services for your business, whether you are new to cloud solutions or want to improve on your existing services.

We also provide consulting services on the cloud, and can help you decide on an appropriate cloud strategy for your business. We’ll take the time to truly understand your unique circumstances so you can implement cloud computing in a way that works for you.

for our clients

  • Flexible payment – most of our services allow you to pay month-by-month
  • Support for major cloud services and technologies
  • All data is stored locally
  • Scalability – services can easily scale with your business
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