Multi-Cloud Services

Multi-Cloud Services

Leverage multiple cloud types and providers to best meet business requirements.

For most businesses, a hybrid approach that combines elements of on-premise and legacy application service delivery, private cloud and public cloud is most practical. Yet some organisations often fall into a trap of application performance issues, data risks and increasing costs when they choose just one cloud service without assessing their network and cloud strategy as a whole.

Selecting the right combination requires answers to these questions:
How do you decide which applications and services to move to each type of solution?
How do you choose between the huge number of cloud solutions to find those that meet your business needs?
How do you manage such a diverse environment without adding overheads?
How do you deliver each service to your users in as simple and productive way as possible?
How do you migrate existing systems, applications and licences to the new environments?


incorporates many different clouds and cloud providers within the one solution for the ultimate in customisation and flexibility. It also extends beyond cloud to include dedicated infrastructure and hosting to support the unique requirements of any business.

F1 IT Technology helps you architect a multi-cloud strategy that provides:
Identification of the most suitable cloud services for your business:
Some business needs require certain internal services to stay on premise, while others require private cloud and some are ideal for public cloud. You’ll get consulting, audit and advisory services on how you can utilise a multi-cloud approach to make your business highly scalable, available and efficient.
Guided, customised multi-cloud implementation:
Get end-to-end services when migrating to various cloud providers, including any application re-development work required, to ensure a successful implementation.
Customer choice:
Ensure you can move your services between any cloud provider if required to leverage on-demand provisioning and automatic scaling. We help you build your multi-cloud services so you aren’t locked in to any cloud provider, platform or type. Choose from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or our own private cloud platform or a combination of all of these offerings.
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