Get to know our company better

F1 IT is a Technology and innovation company whose mission is to help companies in their digital transformation and add value as new technologies emerge. We do not want to be just another IT company, so when the technology becomes a commodity, we seeks new challenges.

Our core focus is cloud computing, big data and machine learning. We attaches great importance to innovation, thereby creating our own innovation area in 2016, since which time innovation has been considered a philosophy throughout the company and a way of understanding technology and its work.

Through F1 IT Labs, the company’s innovation department into which it invests part of its annual profits, it provides research on new technologies in the IT area, undertaking innovation projects for its own departments and for customers, and designing products based on technology that is tested and whose viability has been evaluated.


We attach great importance to the selection process because this is where the company’s success begins. We look for people who demonstrate passion for what they do, create a good working environment, are committed to the company and understand knowledge as a shared value.
Knowing about and getting the most out of technologies is our priority. We are committed to certification in core technologies and sharing internal knowledge of the new technologies it researches. All of this enables F1 IT to offer the best advice for each project.
Best practices, quality and quick and flexible procedures are part of the transformation that we can bring to companies. F1 IT only applies the best of what it has tested and is certain that works. We give customers only the best of what it applies in our own systems.
Our professionals and our experience are certified. F1 IT technological partners trust in what we do and how we do it provides the best guarantee for customers.